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Robin's Corner

This site and our work is dedicated to our precious son and brother, Ryan Yoho, who died tragically in 2004. Our Yorkies gave us back love and happiness. This inspired us to share the love only a Yorkie can give with all of our families.

Our First Yorkie

Our first Yorkie, Mercedes, is the one that got this whole journey started. She was born in August of 2007. Her personality was second to none. At times she behaved almost as like a person. As a family, we fell in love with her and decided that everyone deserved the opportunity to experience the love of a Yorkie. It is our privilege to spread Yorkie joy to others. ​Mercedes was never able to have puppies of her own due to a bad patella. However, she became a bonus mom to all Yoho's Yorkies puppies. Without her, none of them would be here.  Even as she aged, Mercedes kept her fun-loving personality and demanded attention. She was a joy to have in our home for all these years, and it is our hope that every Yorkie that we place can bring the same light to you and your family.  Mercedes lived a long and joyous life full of 14 years of fun memories and love. We may have lost our sweet Mercedes in September of 2021, but she will always be a large part of our family. We hope that all our puppies bring the same light into your lives that Mercedes brought to ours!

​​Rest in Peace Mercedes

August 9, 2007 - September 28, 2021 

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